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Gregg outdid himself. We had our logo done and the final product was phenomenal. Every detail was down to a T. Not to mention the paint job was on point! It's a perfect additional to my office/recording studio.

Justin A.

I recently purchased a business sign of my company logo from Gregg, and I am extremely impressed with the quality of their work. The level of detail and precision in the model is exceptional, and it perfectly captures the essence of our brand. The colors are vibrant and true to our brand identity, and the material used for printing is durable and long-lasting. Overall, I would highly recommend GK Design for anyone looking for a high-quality business sign of their logo.

Jackson H.

Upon unboxing I was taken aback with the precise detail and perfectly executed ratio of scaling our 2D logo to 3D. Gregg truly brought our logo to life as a nice 'ornament' for any desk/counter within our office. I will be asking for more pieces over time.


Jerry M.

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